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Behind The Overlay Extension

Chrome Extension

Firefox extension

One button to close any overlay on any website follow Behind_Overlay for updates


11 feb 2018 | Update Firefox extension to make it compatible with the latest version.

11 Jun 2014 | Firefox extension is available now !

10 Jun 2014 | Assign a keyboard shortcut, see how.

What's it all about?

Some websites will use an overlay to mask its content with a transparent background to force you to read a message before you can see the actual content.

I find this very annoying as every site will have a different way to close that overlay popup.

This extension solves this problem by offering you one button to close any overlay on any website you may ever encounter.

Extension in action


Does it work everywhere ?

The extension should work on all sites that have overlays. I created a list of some of the websites that the extension is know to work:


  • Requires no special permissions.
  • Extremely lightweight, relies on little known document.elementFromPoint browser's function to find elements that are in front with the highest z-index.
  • Non-intrusive. The extension activates only when you click its button, thereby it has no impact on navigation performance when you don't use the extension. Doesn't inject tons of CSS rules as AdBlock extension is doing for example.
  • Supports hiding of multiple DOM overlay elements.
  • Enables overflow auto of the body when overlay script hides it to disable the scroll of the page.
  • Support of keyboard shortcut. Ctrl+Shift+X on Windows,Linux and Cmd+Shift+X on Mac.


If you have any suggestion or comment, please create an issue here or send me a tweet to NicolaeNMV. Any feedback is highly appreciated.


Licensed under the GPL License.