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C++ backend for winxed

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winxedxx - A C++ backend for winxed

(C) 2011-2012 Julián Albo "NotFound"

Initial revision with bare minimal features.

        * Supported systems.

I'm building and testing only in Linux with g++. It may work in other *ix.

        * Differences with parrot winxed.

The string type is currently implemented as a std::string, so there are
no null strings.

The types of key and value in hashed can't be changed. Keys are string
and values are var.

Multiple index (a[b, c]) is not avaiable.

No return with multiple values and no yield.

The order of evaluation of elements inside an expression is not granted
to be the same than in winxed, and even than in winxedxx depending on
the mood of the C++ compiler. So be extra careful with side effects.
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