A repo for miscellaneous multi-purpose Arduino Projects
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Arduino UNO



A repo for miscellaneous multi-purpose Arduino Projects. These are a group of small projects that didn't fit anywhere else. They are listed along with a short description.

These projects come with no provided support or warranty, but I'd be happy to answer any quick questions you have. Email me and I'll get back to you.

AnalogLogger [link]

Originally designed for OSURC, this program logs ADC data to an SD Card. It uses EEPROM to inteligently name files to allow for extended and individual tests. Optional RTC support.

<img src="http://nrpickle.net/static/files/img/AnalogLogger.jpg" alt="AnalogLogger" width=300" style="float:left;">

Hardware Requirements

  • Arduino UNO
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield
  • SD Card (16 GB Used for Testing)
  • (Optional) Real Time Clock

SerialPassthrough [link]

Designed for testing serial-based devices. Very simple passthrough script. Uses SoftwareSerial to interface the Hardware USART with a simulated one.

Hardware Requirements

  • Any Arduino