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🔗   tl;dr Quick Links

🌍   Community Platform

Welcome to our Community Platform! We are building this giant castle to help unite people and contribute to social & environmental projects, such as Precious Plastic, Phonebloks, ProjectKamp or Story Hopper. A platform to connect, educate and empower our global community (65K) to solve society's greatest challenges. Together.

👀   Why?

For the past 5+ years we’ve worked together with thousands of people from all over the world on open hardware projects to tackle some of the most pressing environmental issues, building machines and tools to fix the mess. The more we worked on these projects, the more we realised that there are two main hurdles to the success of a project:

  • A project's success is closely linked to its community, and for a new project starting up, finding and creating their own strong community is often a time-consuming activity that can take lots of resources.
  • While working on a project we often find ourselves having to use a multitude of digital tools that are often incomplete, disconnected, privately owned and not open source.

This platform aims to tackle these problems by creating a strong unified community for the different projects under its umbrella and offering the necessary tools to collaborate and connect in one single place. Free and opensource.

⚡️   What is this platform?

Our community platform helps people to grow communites and make it easier to collaborate on environmental projects in one single place. A place where people can meet, help each other, ask and answer questions, share their innovative ways of fixing problems, discover people around them, connect locally, find events and more. It aims to provide the tools to connect both online and offline. Amongst other features we have How-to, Events and Maps.

Have a look on our website to have a clear overview

👐 Open Source

Society and the environment are kind of screwed 💩 in many ways. We think free knowledge and open source are the fastest and most efficient ways to bring about innovation to tackle some of the most pressing humanity’s fuck ups. Simple.

🤝   Contributions

Contributions, issues and feature requests are very welcome. Please make sure to read the Contributing Guide before making a pull request.

It also covers lots of handy additional information such as setting up a local server, or finding good first issues to work on

🌟   Core Team

If needed you can drop us a line here 👋 Or join our Discord channel

Chris Clarke


Benjamin Gammaire