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OSS Planet - Just Go Open, I've Got Your Back.
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Just Go Open, I've Got Your Back.

OSSPlanet is an OpenSource-friendly Nonprofit Non-governmental project, provides high quality Free Mirror / Hosting / VPS / Container services for Open Projects. With Unlimited Outbound traffic.

We are open, we love freedom. Sponsoring a lot of projects / organizations, and willing to support yours too!

Powered by Ubuntu-TW, NCNU, and BlueT. #JustGoOpen

  • Since 2013/6
  • Beta Launch at 2014/6
  • Public announce at 2015/6

Who can Apply

We support Open Projects, which means the project should be Open Source / Audio / Culture or Information Freedom / Education related.

How To Apply

1. Create issue or via Email

2. Subject/Title

  • [OSSPlanet] Project/Organization_Name Application for Hosting_Plan
  • Examples:
    • [OSSPlanet] MozTW Application for Web Hosting plan
      • Application from Mozilla Taiwan Community, for Web Hosting requirements.
    • [OSSPlanet] AnthonOS Application for VPS Plan
      • Application from Anthon OS project, for it's main package building server.
    • [OSSPlanet] Deepin Application for Mirror Plan
      • Application from Deepin Linux project, for country mirror requirements.

3. Application content

4. Keep in touch

Join our support channel on Telegram

If you don't get our response, please ping us.

Support Channel

For any issues, troubleshooting, helps, please contact us on:


We need your support!


  • Promotion: Put a link on your site, mention us in your article or slide. Spread this information to the world, so we can help on boosting more Open-related projects.
  • Donation: Financial, Server, Storage, Network devices, etc.


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