Various simple-complex experiments for my Arduino Mega. These can be adapted for other Arduino devices.
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Arduino Experiments


The following directories are a list of numerous experiments I've put together either through reading tutorials and adapting to my own purposes or merging tutorials to create uniqyue ideas or creating my own unique ideas from scratch based off information I've learnt along the way.

Below is a summary list of each experiment but each directory has its own README with a more detailed idea ogf the project and any accompanaying files (such as exp-004 which includes a datasheet for the MQ6 sensor). exp-003 also has the datasheet for the DHT11 chip used in the project.

Project Listing

  1. exp-001 - A very basic flashing red LED.
  2. exp-002 - An LED that takes an analog reading from a potentiometer and changes the flashing rate accordingly.
  3. exp-003 - Showing the humidity and temperature of a DHT11 sensor via analog inputs to the serial console.