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JavaScript 0 2


Generic HTTP client

Updated May 26, 2016

JavaScript 4 2


Generic CouchDB driver

Updated May 25, 2016

JavaScript 1 0


Classes to represent DNS errors from node.js' dns module

Updated May 25, 2016

JavaScript 397 26


An OO-based JavaScript color parser/computation toolkit with support for RGB, HSV, HSL, CMYK, and alpha channels. Conversion between color spaces occurs implicitly, and all methods return new objects rather than mutating existing instances. Works in the browser and node.js.

Updated May 17, 2016

JavaScript 1 0


React component for truncating multi-line spans and adding an ellipsis

Updated May 13, 2016

JavaScript 3 0


A data structure that allows efficiently to find all intervals that overlap with any given interval or point.

Updated May 9, 2016

JavaScript 3 0


Normalize urls by removing .. and . constructs, and only percent-encode the bytes that encodeURIComponent would.

Updated May 9, 2016

JavaScript 1 0


eslint configuration for javascript code style

Updated May 2, 2016

JavaScript 4 0


Express/connect middleware that does HTTP content negotiation for static files

Updated Apr 29, 2016

JavaScript 1 0


Another service locator

Updated Apr 19, 2016

JavaScript 0 0


eslint configuration for react code style

Updated Apr 14, 2016

JavaScript 12 3


Auto completion binding for knockout

Updated Apr 13, 2016

JavaScript 0 172


forked from lovell/sharp

The fastest Node.js module for resizing JPEG, PNG, WebP and TIFF images. Uses the libvips library.

Updated Apr 12, 2016

JavaScript 61 20


A drag and drop binding for Knockout.

Updated Apr 11, 2016

JavaScript 2 452


forked from brutaldesign/swipebox

A touchable jQuery lightbox

Updated Apr 8, 2016

JavaScript 22 2


Handy JavaScript Error classes representing the standard HTTP errors. Easily extensible and subclassable.

Updated Apr 8, 2016

Ruby 5 3


Git repo tracking for distributed Chef Servers

Updated Mar 23, 2016

JavaScript 3 0


Postgres migrations from node.js with advisory locks.

Updated Mar 8, 2016

Ruby 0 2


Chef context aware Git repo diff tool

Updated Feb 29, 2016

Python 0 282


forked from python-diamond/Diamond

Diamond is a python daemon that collects system metrics and publishes them to Graphite (and others). It is capable of collecting cpu, memory, network, i/o, load and disk metrics. Additionally, it features an API for implementing custom collectors for gathering metrics from almost any source.

Updated Feb 23, 2016

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