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Code sample with examples of how to use the OneNote API on iOS
Objective-C C++
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OneNote service API iOS Sample README

Created by Microsoft Corporation, 2014. Provided As-is without warranty. Trademarks mentioned here are the property of their owners.

API functionality demonstrated in this sample

The following aspects of the API are covered in this sample. You can find additional documentation at the links below.


Tools and Libraries you will need to download, install, and configure for your development environment.

Be sure to verify the prerequisites for these too.

Included with the sample

We've included these packages in the ThirdPary folder, for your convenience using the sample. We didn't write them, and they have their own license information. You won't need to download them to use the sample, but below are links if you want to learn more.


Using the sample

After you've setup your development tools, and installed the prerequisites listed above,....

  1. Download the repo as a ZIP file to your local Mac, and extract the files. Or, clone the repository into a local copy of Git.
  2. Open the project in XCode.
  3. Get a client ID string and copy it into ONSCPSCreateExamples.m (~line 28).
  4. Check that the Live Connect SDK binaries are properly linked to your project in the Build Phases tab of the XCode Project Navigator. If they are not, use Add Other... to add them. Also, drag and drop the LiveSDK.framework from the Project Navigator into the Copy Bundle Resources on the Build Phases tab.
  5. Build and run the app.
  6. Log in using the running app, using your Microsoft account.
  7. Allow the app to create new pages in OneNote.

Version Info

This is the initial public release for this code sample.

Learning More

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