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@jkasten2 jkasten2 released this Oct 25, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

Android - Outcomes & Received Receipts

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@mikechoch mikechoch released this Sep 24, 2019 · 11 commits to master since this release

Fixed Hanging Awaits and Added In-App Messaging for iOS

  • Hanging awaits are now fixed for various methods for Android and iOS
    • Related to #62
  • Removed unused method presentApplicationSettings related to #129
  • Added In-App Messaging to iOS

Updates from OneSignal-iOS-SDK 2.11.0

  • Added in In App Messaging feature
  • Various minor bug fixes

Updates from OneSignal-Android-SDK 3.11.4

  • Fixed getActiveNotifications() crash related to NotificationManager class
    • Similar to issue #422, but for Android 8.0.0 Samsung devices
  • Fixed an issue with In App Messaging where a drag would sometimes trigger an action
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@jkasten2 jkasten2 released this Aug 9, 2019 · 22 commits to master since this release

iOS 13 Beta 2+ pushToken and Other Android Misc Fixes

Updates from OneSignal-iOS-SDK 2.10.1

  • Fixed deviceToken format error with iOS 13 Beta 2+ which was preventing the device from subscribing to OneSignal.

Updates from OneSignal-Android-SDK 3.11.2

  • On Android N (7.0)+ devices when 4 or more notifications are shown tapping on the group is now handled
    • Issue was related to Android's auto grouping feature.
    • Now counts the most recent notification in the group being opened when the summary notification is tapped.
  • Android - Fix NPE errors when app is resumed when setRequiresUserPrivacyConsent(true) is set
  • Android - Fixed "App may not schedule more than 100 distinct jobs" error, mostly affecting Samsung devices in rare cases
  • Fix for notification received, opened, and in app messaging action callbacks not firing after pressing the back button to close the app.
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@jkasten2 jkasten2 released this Jul 25, 2019 · 28 commits to master since this release

Fixed Missing Error

  • Fixed missing when project is using AndroidX
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@jkasten2 jkasten2 released this Jul 23, 2019 · 34 commits to master since this release

📣 Dart Package is now onesignal_flutter & Android In-App Messages

  • Renamed "onesignal" to "onesignal_flutter"
    • This resolves iOS incompatibility at build time when a pod that uses Swift is imported with use_frameworks! 🎉
    • See migration steps below
  • See the OneSignal In-App quickstart guide for more details.
  • Fixed Android UiThread crashes.
  • When re-initializing with a different AppId the device registers correctly without requiring an app cold start
    • Dashboard parameters are now correctly refreshed as well from the new app id.
  • Notification Channels / Categories, added invalid format handling to LED colors.
  • Fixed com.onesignal.PrivacyConsent AndroidManifest.xml check when using newest init method.
  • Fixed location permission prompting and session count / time tracking after privacy consent is accepted.

🚨 OneSignal 1.X to 2.0.0 Migration Guide 🚨

  1. Open your pubspec.yaml file and update onesignal: ^1.1.0 to onesignal_flutter: ^2.0.0.
  2. run flutter packages get
  3. Find and replace the following in all your .dart files.
    • import 'package:onesignal/onesignal.dart'
    • with
    • import 'package:onesignal_flutter/onesignal_flutter.dart'
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@jkasten2 jkasten2 released this Mar 11, 2019 · 48 commits to master since this release

Updated Android compileSdkVersion to 28

Please make sure to update to compileSdkVersion 28 in your build.gradle when updating to this version or newer!

  • compileSdkVersion at version 28 is now the default the latest Flutter version
    • Fixes build time error Execution failed for task ':onesignal:verifyReleaseResources'.
    • Issue #61
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@Nightsd01 Nightsd01 released this Jan 10, 2019 · 53 commits to master since this release

Flutter SDK Update

• This minor release adds a function called setExternalUserId(string) that allows you to use your own custom user ID's to target push notifications. Using this function, you no longer have to store their OneSignal user ID's.
• This update also updates the native iOS and Android SDK's to their latest releases.

Android Fixes & Improvements

OneSignal Android 3.10.5 SDK

    • ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED is invalid, BOOT_COMPLETED is the correct intent action
  • Catches security exception from Job Intent Service
    • Fixes issue #673

iOS SDK Fixes & Improvements

OneSignal iOS 2.9.4 SDK

  • Small update that includes a fix for an issue that would have caused rare crashes, due to invalid HTTP request bodies being serialized into JSON
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@Nightsd01 Nightsd01 released this Nov 5, 2018 · 61 commits to master since this release

Flutter SDK Update

• This release updates the native iOS and Android SDK's to the latest versions
• Switches to use the OneSignal pod instead of OneSignalDynamic due to issues with Cocoapods' strip_invalid_archs() function, which is breaking our framework.

Android Fixes & Improvements

OneSignal Android 3.10.3 SDK
  • Notification Restore Improvements (PR #645)
    • Limit number of notification restored to 49
      • This is the max visible limit per app, Android omits displaying any more
      • Helps mitigate issue #644
    • Slowed Restore rate to 5 per second
    • Above 2 changes cleans up NotificationService warnings from the logcat
  • GDPR method fixes
    • Allow calling provideUserConsent before init. PR #648
    • Allow calling add observer methods before provideUserConsent(true) is called. #655
  • Fixed IllegalArgumentException thrown from JobIntentService in a specific case
    • Issue was only happening with high priority notifications that had a remote image with an app setup with a NotificationExtenderService and running on Android Oreo+, in some cases.
    • Fixes issue #649
  • Fix for OneSignalSyncServiceUtils throwing IllegalArgumentException when boot permission is removed.
  • Possible fix for rare "Package manager has died" error. PR #658
OneSignal Android 3.10.2 SDK
  • Fixed NPE with ChangeTagsUpdateHandler when a tag update results in no changes. PR #611
  • Fixed FirebaseInstanceIdService IllegalArgumentException exception
  • Fixed rare NPE Bundle error on RestoreJobService.onHandleWork. Issue #591
  • NotificationExtenderService now respects FCM High priority to wake from Dose mode. PR #640
  • Fixed fallback of medium and lower priorities of Notification Channel for pre-Oreo devices. PR #639
  • Fixed issue with disabling enableVibrate or enableSound was not respected.
    • When initializing OneSignal after Application.onCreate.
    • Note, settings only apply to Android 7.0 and older.
    • Methods will be deprecated, please migrate to Android Categories / Channels
  • Cleaned up GCM related warning in logcat when a push is received. #642
    • CANCELLED forIntent { act=... flg=0x10000000 pkg=... }

iOS Fixes & Improvements

OneSignal iOS 2.9.3 SDK

• Fixes an issue with provisional notifications (no git issue) where a user would receive a provisional notification, tap 'Keep', and then tap 'Deliver Prominently', which should cause notifications to be delivered like normal: however in previous releases notifications would have no sound/alert/badge until the app was next restarted.
• Fixes some DSYMUtil warnings developers would see in regards to our framework including debugging information. (#440)

OneSignal iOS 2.9.2 SDK

• This release fixes an iOS 12 issue where enabling "Deliver Quietly" and then opening the app would cause notifications to stop being delivered entirely.

OneSignal 2.9.0 SDK

Introduces support for new iOS 12 features. To learn more about how iOS 12 changes push notifications, please read our blog post on the subject.
• Provisional notifications are a new way to message users without requesting their permission to send push notifications. Unlike traditional notifications, a provisional notification is sent directly to the Notification Center and does not alert/disturb the user directly.
• To use Provisional notifications, set kOSSettingsKeyAutoPrompt to false in your initialization settings. Then, navigate to and in your iOS platform settings, enable Direct To History notifications. From now on, all users that open your app will be able to receive provisional notifications unless they explicitly disable notifications for your app
• iOS 12 introduces support to let your app provide a deep link to manage settings from within your app.
• To enable this, please set our init setting kOSSettingsKeyProvidesAppNotificationSettings to true. You also need to implement a UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate method to present your custom Notification Settings UI.
• iOS 12 also introduces Notification Grouping which allows you to group related notifications together. To do this, set the thread-id parameter in your push notifications. iOS will automatically group notifications with the same thread-id together.
• Fixes an issue with Xcode 10 that caused crashes to the IBDesignables agent and made users unable to use IBDesignable views in storyboards/xibs
• Adds a new reachable parameter to the OSPermissionState. This new parameter indicates if the user is reachable and can receive notifications, and will be true if they've (A) accepted notification permission or (B) are registered to receive provisional/direct-to-history notifications.

OneSignal 2.8.9 SDK

• This release fixes an issue where the SDK was not properly handling HTTP request re-attempts. This would have resulted in an issue where calling sendTags() (for example) while a user had no network connection would, after 60 seconds, result in the onSuccess callback being executed.
• Removes some unnecessary log statements and other minor cleanup of the SDK
• Includes a fix for a merge mistake in the previous release that reverted a few minor/rare bugs.

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@Nightsd01 Nightsd01 released this Sep 12, 2018 · 65 commits to master since this release

Flutter SDK Updates

• Fixes an issue where an exception would be thrown when initializing the SDK if the optional iOSSettings parameter was not provided (#11)
• Fixes compiler warnings due to invalid type conversions in our SDK (#14)
• Fixes a null pointer exception that would occur in Android when calling getTags() if the user did not have any tags set (#15)
• This update fixes an issue where developers with Swift-Flutter projects in iOS were completely unable to install our SDK due to a transitive dependencies warning (#6)

  • To fix this issue, we have changed our Flutter SDK to use a dynamic framework version of our native iOS SDK
  • An important note is that our new dynamic framework is a fat framework, it includes support for the iOS simulator (x86_64) and real devices (arm64). Unfortunately Apple will not allow apps uploaded with fat frameworks, so we are adding instructions on how to add a buildscript that will strip unnecessary architectures from your app when uploading to the store.

iOS Native SDK Release Notes (2.8.8)

• This release fixes an issue (#410) where users that add buttons/functionality to a notification by directly using UNNotificationCategory instead of using our API would cause a crash
• Fixes a thread synchronization issue that would have deadlocked the main thread in very rare situations on initialization (#409)
• Fixes an issue where improperly formatted button JSON (from the create notification API) would cause the SDK to insert nil objects into an NSDictionary instance, causing an EXC_BAD_ACCESS (#402)
• Adds an additional dynamic framework/cocoapod for developers who previously encountered 'transitive dependency' errors using our SDK indirectly as a dependency of another cocoapod in Swift projects
• Fixes a bug that only effected wrapper SDK's, such Cordova and React-Native, where calling setLocationShared(false) could still result in location data being sent to OneSignal if the app had location permission in iOS (Cordova SDK issue #406
• Fixes a bug that caused devices to never register with OneSignal if APNS did not respond with a token or failure.
• Fixes an issue (#391) that would have caused rare crashes (EXC_BAD_ACCESS) in our API client because it attempted to execute a completion block without ensuring it was non-nil, which it could be in rare circumstances.
• Fixes an issue that would occasionally cause the SDK to be unable to automatically retrieve the App Group name, which was used to enable communication between the Service Extension and the main app. The main side effect of this issue would have been inconsistent badge logic, where the SDK would not maintain a logically consistent badge count.
• Fixes other minor problems, such as a potential (but never reported) crash in setEmail(), also fixed an issue where the method that downloads attachments such as images wasn't using a double pointer to set errors that may occur during the download (common pattern in ObjC).

Android Native SDK Release Notes (3.10.1) - Fix ANR's (Application Not Responding)

• Fixes a thread synchronization bug that in some situations could cause the main thread to lock up while waiting for a network request to finish.
• Resolves Issues #589, #590, #599, and react-native #587

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@Nightsd01 Nightsd01 released this Aug 1, 2018 · 74 commits to master since this release

• This release contains only minor internal stylistic improvements

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