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Java client library for the AMEEconnect API

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The AMEE Java client allows you to use the AMEE API using a set of Java classes, rather than having to work with HTTP and JSON yourself.

NOTE: Version 2 and up of the Java client only work with AMEE 2 API keys. If you have an old version 1 key, you will need to use version 0.9 or lower.

JAR Download

Click the 'Download' button on the github page to download the latest release as a JAR file.


The client should run on any Java 5 (1.5) or Java 6 (1.6) compatible platform. It depends on the following libraries:

  • Apache Jakarta Commons HTTP Client 3.1
  • Apache Commons Codec 1.3
  • Apache Commons Logging 1.1
  • JSON 2.0
  • Joda Time


The com.amee.client.service.AmeeContext class encapsulates configuration properties for an AMEE session. Here are the available properties:

  • Username - Your AMEE username.
  • Password - Your AMEE password.
  • BaseUrl - The base URL (such as '').
  • AuthToken - An AuthToken returned during an AMEE session or supplied by your application.

There is currently only one global AmeeContext instance (a singleton). You can set the above properties as follows:



There are a number of simple examples in the com.amee.client.examples package. These cover the most important AMEE operations; creating profiles, creating profile items, and viewing existing profile items.

Creating A New Profile

// Use the AmeeObjectFactory to create a new Profile
AmeeObjectFactory objectFactory = AmeeObjectFactory.getInstance();
AmeeProfile profile = objectFactory.getProfile();

Storing Profile Items

// Add a Profile Item to the new Profile with a known Data Item UID
String category = "home/appliances/computers/generic";
AmeeProfileCategory profileCategory = objectFactory.getProfileCategory(profile, category);
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