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Open Bank Project

Enabling greater financial transparency and innovation around banks!


A RESTful API for banks that supports: accounts, transactions, counterparties, transfers (payments), entitlements (permissions), metadata on the above (comments, tags, geo tags, urls etc.), multiple views on accounts (my data, shared data, open data), cards etc..

Updated May 30, 2016

Objective-C 1 1


Ease access to servers offering the Open Bank Project API. OBPKit is quick to integrate into your iOS app or OSX application, and makes authorisation of sessions and marshalling of resources through the Open Bank Project API simple and easy.

Updated May 24, 2016


Open Bank Project JVM Helpers

Updated May 22, 2016

Scala 0 1


API Explorer for OBP API

Updated Apr 27, 2016


Scala Lift Web Application consuming the OBP API.

Updated Apr 24, 2016

Python 1 0


Listens to Kafka queue and responds to requests from OBP-API

Updated Apr 19, 2016

Objective-C 0 5


The example application is a simple reference for how to use OAuth1.0-Authentication of OpenBankProject into OSX applications

Updated Apr 16, 2016

Objective-C 9 6


The example application is a simple reference for how to use OAuth1.0-Authentication of OpenBankProject into IOS applications

Updated Apr 15, 2016

Python 2 7


Updated Mar 23, 2016

Java 2 8


A basic app to demonstrate the integration of the OpenBankProject with OAuth1.0-Authentication into an Android application.

Updated Mar 22, 2016

Python 0 0


Allows Apps to authenticate point to point. For higly trusted Apps and Sandbox contexts.

Updated Feb 9, 2016

Shell 0 1


Files required to create the images available at Docker Hub

Updated Jan 18, 2016

JavaScript 0 5


Sonarize Transactions

Updated Nov 9, 2015

Scala 4 6


A little application that reads bank account credentials from a queue and saves them to a db.

Updated Oct 30, 2015

Python 3 7


Python based importer of CSV files.

Updated Oct 23, 2015

Python 0 2


Some scripts to provide functions to work with the API

Updated Apr 1, 2015

Scala 2 4


A scala screen scraper for postbank and GLS.

Updated Mar 9, 2015

Scala 2 6


An application that allows the user to login with different ways and add its banking credentials.

Updated Mar 9, 2015

Scala 2 5


deprecated. a simple lift web application that wait for transactions to be posted through the API by an importer and stores them in mongoDB

Updated Mar 5, 2015

Puppet 2 4


Vagrant/Puppet based virtual machine setup scripts for the OpenBankProject-Server

Updated Feb 28, 2015

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