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A system monitoring OpenChirp device
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Go Report Card

System Monitor OpenChirp Device

This device will report system statistics at a regular interval. Currently, we report the following statistics/topics:

  • mem_total
  • mem_available
  • mem_used
  • mem_usedpercent
  • disk_used
  • disk_free
  • disk_total
  • disk_usedpercent
  • load_1min
  • load_5min
  • load_15min

Operational Notes

  • The interval can be changed dynamically through the interval topic of the OC device.
  • You can force a report by publishing any message to the trigger topic.


Interval durations must conform to the Golang time.ParseDuration string format specified below:

A duration string is a possibly signed sequence of decimal numbers, each with
optional fraction and a unit suffix, such as "300ms", "-1.5h" or "2h45m".
Valid time units are "ns", "us" (or "µs"), "ms", "s", "m", "h".


Plugins allow you to extend the list of reported values. Upon each interval, each of the specified plugins are queried for their report. Their reported topic/values are then published along with the previously mentioned hard coded values. To use a plugin, set PLUGIN_PATHS to the plugin file's path. To use multiple plugins simultaneously, simply list them separated by a semicolon.

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