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Open Concept Lab

Open-source Terminology Management Service


  1. oclapi2 Public

    The new and improved OCL terminology service v2

    Python 3 12

  2. oclweb2 Public

    Overhauled OCL Web Authoring Interface v2

    JavaScript 3 8

  3. ocldev Public

    Python development library for working with OCL resources and APIs

    Python 1 4

  4. ocl_issues Public

    Consolidated issues for all OCL repos. NOTE: Install ZenHub Browser Extension and request access to the OCL Roadmap board to view all issues and to contribute

    3 1

  5. ocl-docs Public

    Consolidated documentation for OCL available at


  6. oclfhir Public

    FHIR Terminology Service for Open Concept Lab

    Java 1 4


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