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Contributing to F2

F2 is currently maintained by Markit On Demand and governed by an Advisory Board (shown below).


Join the team and help contribute to F2 on GitHub. The following are guidelines for contributing; please familiarize yourself before sending pull requests.

Thank you to the growing list of contributors!

Getting Started

First, a couple of ground rules.

  1. Make sure you have a GitHub account.
  2. Submit a ticket for your issue, assuming one does not already exist. (Search first!)
    • Clearly describe the issue including steps to reproduce when it is a bug.
    • Include the F2 version number.
  3. Fork the F2 repository.

New to GitHub?

GitHub has terrific Guides to help developers through various aspects of contributing to open source projects.

Making Changes

Understanding the "wip" branch

The latest F2 changes can be found in the *-wip branch. This branch's name uses the upcoming version number followed by -wip which stands for "work-in-progress", for example 1.3.1-wip as shown below. There should only be one -wip branch at any given time.

Do not work directly in master!



Once you've forked the F2 repository:

  1. Create a new branch in your fork from the next version *-wip branch. Do not work directly in master!
    • $> git checkout -b 'your_branch_name' *-wip
  2. Read the F2 coding standards.
  3. Add and document unit test(s) for your changes. At least one unit test is required for new or changed functionality.
  4. Re-run all the Jasmine tests to confirm your changes didn't break anything. $> grunt test and/or $> grunt test-live
  5. Perform browser testing in supported browsers.

Committing Changes

  • You should only commit files you have changed. Do not commit compiled or generated F2 files, except:
    • If you've modified any file in the /sdk/src/ directory, you must commit /sdk/f2.min.js for the Travis unit tests.
  • After you've staged your changes, add a detailed commit message.
  • Push committed changes to your fork's branch.
  • Submit a pull request for F2\*-wip not F2\master.
  • Add a message or additional detail for your changes in the pull request comments.
  • Wait for your change(s) to be reviewed.

Coding Standards

Coding standards promote a common vocabulary and syntax so that our fellow developers can concentrate on what you're saying rather than on how you're saying it. It is ultimately up to you how you write your own code, but please become familiar with the standards and use them when contributing to F2.

Coding standards help an individual project, and also make it easier for one project to reuse components from another project.

Read our coding standards.

Keep in Touch

If you have any questions while writing code to contribute to F2, post a message on the Google Group, find us on Twitter @OpenF2 or by email at You can also follow our blog for more in-depth F2 updates.