Comparison with Similar Tools

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Disclaimer: this table might be obsolete, if you think it needs adjusting, please let us know and modify the wiki page.

Feature LXR ctags cscope ViewVC GNU GLOBAL OpenGrok
Full text Search Y Y Y Y
Definition Search P Y Y Y Y
Identifier Search Y Y Y Y
Path search Y Y Y Y
History Search Y
Caller/Callee Search Y P
RegExp Search Y Y P (only wildcards)
Shows matching lines Y Y Y Y
Hierarchical Search Y Y
query syntax like AND, OR, field: Y
Incremental update P Y Y
RSS Feed Y Y
Syntax highlighting-Xref Y P Y Y
Interface for SCM Y Y Y
open source Y Y Y Y Y Y
Usable URLs Y N/A N/A Y Y
Individual file download N/A N/A Y N/A Y
Changes at directory level N/A N/A P N/A Y
Multi language support P Y P N/A Y Y
User interface WEB CLI CLI WEB WEB / CLI WEB / CLI
Static HTML Y P (for xrefs)
Input completion Y P (with greasemonkey script)
Built-in parser Y Y Y P (lexical analysis)
Plug-in parser Y
Integration with (exuberant) ctags N/A Y Y
Integration with cscope N/A Y
Integration with emacs Y Y Y Y
Integration with vim Y Y Y P (through
Integration with doxygen Y
Integration with Netbeans
Integration with Eclipse Y
Integration with less Y Y
Integration with bash Y
Integration with idutils Y
Integration with Elvis Y Y


  • Y : Yes the feature is present
  • P : the feature may be partly present
  • N/A : not applicable