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OpenGrok - a wicked fast source browser

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1. Introduction

OpenGrok is a fast and usable source code search and cross reference engine, written in Java. It helps you search, cross-reference and navigate your source tree. It can understand various program file formats and version control histories of many source code management systems.

Official page of the project is on:

2. Installation


2. 1. Updating

OpenGrok uses semantic versioning and the version components further indicate more details about updating to newer version. The version scheme is major.minor.micro and change in any component is interpreted as:

  • major - major backwards incompatible update, will require full reindex as well as configuration changes
  • minor - full clean reindex of your repositories is needed (e. g. index format has changed)
  • micro - redeploy web application

Generally it is possible to go backward only within the micro version.

3. Information for developers

See and

4. Authors

The project has been originally conceived in Sun Microsystems by Chandan B.N.

For full list of contributors see

5. Contact us

Use the Github Discussions.

6. Run as container

You can run OpenGrok as a Docker container as described here.


This project welcomes contributions from the community. Before submitting a pull request, please review our contribution guide


Please consult the security guide for our responsible security vulnerability disclosure process


Copyright (c) 2006, 2024 Oracle and/or its affiliates.