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OpenHV Continuous Integration Documentation Status Discord Matrix IRC/Jabber

A mod for OpenRA based on the Hard Vacuum design by Daniel Cook. It aims to be an open content real-time strategy game with no exceptions. Set in the distant future where mega corporation battle themselves this standalone title comes with multiplayer (LAN and internet) support, competent skirmish bots as well as an integrated map editor. It allows for spectators to join and replays to be shared.


Getting Started

To launch the project from the development environment you must first compile the project by running make.cmd (Windows), or opening a terminal in the SDK directory and running make (Linux / macOS). You can then run launch-game.cmd (Windows) or (Linux / macOS) to run the game. More details on building the game are available at the wiki.


OpenHV just like the OpenRA engine and SDK scripts is made available under the GPLv3 license.

The mod data files (artwork, sound files, yaml, etc) are not part of the source code and are distributed under different terms. Various Creative Commons licenses apply. Check the ReadMe files in the sub folders for details.