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@peternewman peternewman released this Jul 14, 2018 · 170 commits to 0.10 since this release

13/7/2018 ola-0.10.7


  • Allow multiple KiNet ports to be patched to the same universe #1414
  • Allow multiple FTDI ports to be patched to the same universe
  • Support libftdi1 as well as libftdi0 in FTDI DMX #1012 Debian #810374
  • Support FTDI DMX via libftdi1 on Windows

RDM Tests:

  • Fix a bug in the RDM tests when a responder supports sensor PIDs #1388
  • Fix a bug in imports for


  • Fix the build on Windows
  • Entire codebase now passes codespell testing
  • Fix a Python 3 bug in the API
  • Fix a few longstanding bugs in the Python ola_rdm_discover
  • Correct the OSC config option name for output format in the documentation
  • Use top_builddir in more places in the build
  • Use libusb_set_option where available
  • Fix the udev rules
  • Downstream Debian fixes
  • Fix an incorrect response if we have the sensor PIDs but no sensors
  • Stop trying to build opendmx kernel plugin on Windows
  • Prefer Avahi over Bonjour for our DiscoveryAgent, in case the Bonjour
    version is actually just Avahi's compatibility layer
  • Clean up the libolaserver pkg-config file


  • Various minor log formatting tidying up
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