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Open Lighting Project

Open Source Software for the Entertainment Lighting Industry


  1. ola Public

    The Open Lighting Architecture - The Travel Adaptor for the Lighting Industry

    C++ 503 183

  2. libartnet Public

    An Open Source implementation of the ArtNet protocol

    C 95 46

  3. A library and website for lighting technology's DMX fixture definition files.

    JSON 116 38

  4. ja-rule Public

    Ja Rule is the code behind OLE, an Open Source DMX/RDM framework for PIC32 microcontrollers

    C 37 17

  5. rdm-app Public

    Code for the site

    Python 17 12

  6. olaoutput Public

    olaoutput is an object for Cycling 74's Max to link to OLA; Automatically exported from

    Max 12 2


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