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An open source computational programming language

OpenMatrix Open Source Project -- "Golden" Source Repository If you are new to this project, please start at

What is OpenMatrix?

The OpenMatrix Language provides all scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians (i.e., people in STEM fields) with open access to a powerful matrix-based computational engine. OpenMatrix can be used as-is or extended in just about any way imaginable – by adding specialized functions, algorithms and toolboxes and by leveraging those contributed by others in the community. The goal is to enable collaboration to accelerate innovation, computationally!

Use OpenMatrix for:

  • Performing mathematical computations
  • Accessing a rich library of built-in functions
  • Developing your own custom functions and toolboxes
  • Testing and improving new algorithms
  • Collaborating with other community members
  • Sharing ideas and knowledge, including your own custom toolboxes

What’s New:

  • Everything here is new! If you are new here too, then welcome to the OpenMatrix community!

Community and Ways to Participate

OpenMatrix is a community effort and there are a variety of ways to engage, from helping answer questions to benchmarking to developing new capabilities and tests. We value being aggressively open and inclusive, but also aggressively respectful and professional. See our Code of Conduct.

The best place to start is by joining the community forum. You may sign up or view the archives via:

  • Announcements -- important updates relevant to the entire OpenMatrix community
  • Discussion -- technical discussions among developers

To learn more about the project and what the community is up to, visit:

  • Contributor’s portal -- includes processes, how to articles, coding standards, release notes, etc. (Uses Confluence)
  • Source code -- includes full source code and test framework (Uses Github)
  • Issue tracking system -- includes bugs and feature requests and status (Uses JIRA)