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An OpenModelica Kernel for Jupyter Notebook. All commands are interpreted by OMPython which communicates with OpenModelica Compiler and the result is presented to user.

This requires Jupyter Notebook, OpenModelica, and OMPython to be installed.
Make sure the environment variable for OpenModelica is set e.g.:
OPENMODELICAHOME=C:/OpenModelica1.11.0-64bit/ or similar.

To install:

 1) clone the project
 2) cd jupyter-openmodelica
 3) python install

To use it, run:

  jupyter notebook
  # In the notebook interface, select OpenModelica from the 'New' menu

The repository also contains the example notebook file OpenModelica.ipynb.

A note about plotting:

The plotting is done with the help of Dygraph javascript. If plot does not works, make sure the "dygraph-combined.js" is in the current working directory.

DOCKER JupyterNotebook-OPENMODELICA Kernel

A Docker container to run jupyter-notebook openmodelica Kernel


  1. docker, To install docker see


To build jupyter-openmodelica

  1. clone the project
  2. cd jupyter-openmodelica
  3. docker build -t jupyteropenmodelica .

After building the image jupyteropenmodelica, we are now ready to run the jupyter-openmodelica in docker container

To use it, run:

docker run -p 8888:8888 jupyteropenmodelica