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OpenQueryStore: Direct Download

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Please be aware that the code is production ready, but should be tested before deploying in a full production environment.

Currently supported SQL Server versions: SQL 2008 - 2014 (all editions)

Currently supported SQL Server Management Studio versions: 16.x and 17.x

OpenQueryStore (OQS) is a collection of scripts that add Query Store like functionality to pre-SQL Server 2016 Instances!

OQS is being built from the ground up to allow all versions and editions of SQL Server from 2005 up to and including 2014 to have a Query Store like functionality. The data collection, retention and cleanup will be easily configurable to allow for complete control of the OQS data storage.

The plan is to offer a fully integrated OQS functionality that requires minimal administration, including persistence of query data across restarts and backups/restores.

A further option will allow for a centralized query store, to collect all query statistics for an entire SQL Server instance.

Finally, a set of integrated reports inside SQL Server Management Studio will allow for analysis of the collected data.

For some more details, check out the Wiki