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Welcome to the icon (OUJS) wiki!

Linkage on

If you prefer to read a possibly more up to date version please link to one of the following URLs on your script homepage:

Guidelines for Contributing

  • Please do use absolute urls for GitHub references other than OUJS. Use document filename page only references for OUJS with no path. Do not use wiki urls e.g.


[somePageOnOUJSwiki]: Some-Document
[some name on other wikis][somePageOnOtherWikis]
[some name on OpenUserJS wiki][somePageOnOUJSwiki]

... instead of...


[[some name | someDocument]]

  • First line should always be a h2 with the document title and should be the only h2. e.g.
## Some Title
  • Second line may be an optional HTML img tag with the src attribute first for use with the right aligned page icon at 128px by 128px, e.g.:
<img src="…" width="128" height="128" align="right">
  • Always use h2 through h6 and never use h1.

  • Images should always go in the images subfolder and never attached.

  • All .md files should be in the first tier and never in a subfolder.

  • Always use Link and image references and always at the bottom of the file.

  • Link and Image references should be camel-cased and always at the bottom of the file.

  • OUJS site wiki .md Links should not include the .md

  • All wiki pages must be centric with markdown format. Avoid using HTML markup whenever possible.

  • Pages should have a final newline at the end of the file

  • Make sure that header names generate the same bookmark fragment on OUJS as it does on GH.