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Modifying the site template

There are 2 major files that can modified to change the structure of the generated html files:

****** - template for the documentation content pages

  • navigation automatically generated
  • links on the sidebar automatically generated
  • content automatically generated
  • footer links automatically generated

****** main landing pages for releases

  • navigation automatically generated
  • landing page content links automatically generated
  • footer links automatically generated

Once changed, the whole site will require a rebuild.

Rebuilding the compiled HTML

Optimising JS assets

If you want to optimise the js libraries, there are a few options:


Using Grunt to compile / optimize Sass, JS and Images

This will install the required dependencies that will allow you to update / optimize / improve and remove code from the website

npm install // yarn

There are a few tasks that have been created by default

  • image - optimize and copy images from the root into the outputs folder
  • sass - compile, optimize and export code into the outputs folder
  • uglify - compile, optimize, transpile and export code into the outputs folder

For development, open up a terminal and navigate to the current project

grunt watch

this will watch all the source folders and recreate/ recompile files as needed


this command will run all tasks (sass, js, images) and compile the build into the outputs/public folder

Perl JS optimisation tools

JS minify CSS minify

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