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Local manifests file to override the AOSP repo manifests
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Local manifests directory for Lease OS based on the AOSP tree

Getting Started

A local manifests directory allows overriding the repos in AOSP source tree to customized repos.

To use it, first follow the standard way of getting a AOSP source tree with the branch that matches the Lease OS release version, e.g., android-7.1.2_r2. Then switch to the root of the source tree:

For public user:

$ cd .repo
$ git clone local_manifests
$ cd ..
$ repo sync

For private contributors:

$ cd .repo
$ git clone local_manifests
$ git checkout private
$ cd ..
$ repo sync

After the sync finishes, you can use the repo tool to apply a command to all the repositories defined in this local manifest by specifying the group leaseos (which is defined in the leaseos.xml). For example, to get the status:

$ repo forall -g leaseos -c 'git status'

Additional Note for Public User

The device repos are proprietary and copyrighted by the vendors. Therefore they are excluded from the manifest file in our public branch. You will need to clone these device-specific repos into the source tree. For example, for Google Pixel XL phone, you need to find the device drivers for google_marlin and proprietary blobs extracted from the factory image. You will also need to find the Google Apps Suite to be included in the custom image (this can also be installed separately later).

Start Working

When initially checked out, all the repositories are in a detached state. In order to work on our custom repositories, we need to set the branch to the remote branch. Type the following command to do it for all:

For public user:

$ repo forall -g leaseos -c 'git checkout --track public/leaseos-7.1.2_r2'

Or git checkout --track public/leaseos-7.1.2_r2 within an individual project repo.

For private contributors:

$ repo forall -g leaseos -c 'git checkout --track private/leaseos-7.1.2_r2'

Or git checkout --track private/leaseos-7.1.2_r2 within an individual project repo.

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