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jade-compile package

⚠️ DEPRECATED: Please use a far better alternative: Preview ⚠️

👓 Simple previewer package that compiles Jade to HTML in

  • Mac/Linux/Windows: CTRL+ALT+j

Jade previewer

Available settings

  • Pretty: true by default, used for prettyfying the generated HTML code.
  • Compile debug: trueby default, used for Jade's error checking while developping.
  • Compile on save: false by default, used for refreshing preview each time the Jade code is changed.
  • Focus editor after compile: true by default, used for setting back the focus on the Jade code when preview is done.

Additional informations

  • Some additional information on my blog site 👓: Jade within
  • Declare your bugs 🐛 or enhancements ☀️ on Github :octocat:

Known limitations

  • 🐛 Advanced usages such as template automatic inclusion doesn't work.
  • 🐛 Single line compilation does not work.


  • The team for their incredible editor.
  • Adrianlee44 for his atom-coffee-compile on which this package is based.
  • Visionmedia for the Jade language which spares me a hour of opening and closing tags.
  • Mquandalle for his Meteor-jade package.