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This tool attempts to invalidate deployments which are generated by the PHANTOM Multi-Objective Mapper using real-time analysis.

When a deployment is created, the Offline MOM runs a variety of analysis techniques to determine ahead of time whether the system will fail to meet its deadlines.

Whilst the tool can be triggered manually, it is designed to work with the PHANTOM Application Manager to automatically check deployments that are added to a given project.


This tool requires:

The tool uses the Python module websocket-client, which can be installed with:

pip install websocket-client

Python 3 probably comes with your operating system. If you are using MacOS and find you do not have Python 3, it is easy to install using Homebrew. [Install Homebrew]/( and then issue the following install command:

brew install python3

Epsilon should be downloaded from its website and unarchived to /opt/eclipse. If installed anywhere else, then set the environment variable $ECLIPSE to point to the installation directory.

export ECLIPSE=/my/custom/install/location

MAST can be installed by downloading the latest binary release, unpacking it, and adding it to your system path. To check this is installed, the tool mast_analysis should be on your system path, or you can set the $MASTEXE variable.

export MASTEXE=/mast/install/location/mast_analysis

As MAST is a 32-bit application, you may have to install your operating system's 32-bit libraries. This is different for each OS, but for example, is achieved on a modern Ubuntu with the following:

dpkg --add-architecture i386
apt-get update
apt-get install libc6:i386 libstdc++6:i386

You should ensure that the PHANTOM Application Manager is correctly set up and running.


When you first run the application, it will try to read credentials.txt. Unless you have already created it specifically, this will fail, and it will be autogenerated with default values. You should edit this file with the username, password, and TCP port of the PHANTOM Repository. The format of the credentials file is as follows:

repository_port = 8000
repository_user = username
repository_pass = password


To start the Offline MOM, it should be told to subscribe to an Application Manager project. To subscribe to a project called projectname use the following:

./ subscribe projectname

The tool will connect to the Application Manager and subscribe. It will then automatically run when new deployments are added. If you do not want to subscribe using the Application Manager, you can trigger an analysis manually on a project using the remote command:

./ remote projectname

Finally, to avoid all dependencies on the Application Manager and Repository, you can simply run on a folder of PHANTOM XML files with local:

./ local /path/to/folder/
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