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MarkBaker Add new Bitwise Functions introduced in MS Excel 2013 (#603)
* - Added calculation engine support for the new bitwise functions that were added in MS Excel 2013
  - BITAND()     Returns a Bitwise 'And' of two numbers
  - BITOR()      Returns a Bitwise 'Or' of two number
  - BITXOR()     Returns a Bitwise 'Exclusive Or' of two numbers
  - BITLSHIFT()  Returns a number shifted left by a specified number of bits
  - BITRSHIFT()  Returns a number shifted right by a specified number of bits
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PhpSpreadsheet is a library written in pure PHP and providing a set of classes that allow you to read from and to write to different spreadsheet file formats, like Excel and LibreOffice Calc.


Read more about it, including install instructions, in the official documentation. Or check out the API documentation.

Please ask your support questions on StackOverflow, or have a quick chat on Gitter.

PHPExcel vs PhpSpreadsheet ?

PhpSpreadsheet is the next version of PHPExcel. It breaks compatibility to dramatically improve the code base quality (namespaces, PSR compliance, use of latest PHP language features, etc.).

Because all efforts have shifted to PhpSpreadsheet, PHPExcel will no longer be maintained. All contributions for PHPExcel, patches and new features, should target PhpSpreadsheet develop branch.


PhpSpreadsheet is licensed under LGPL (GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE)