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HowTo get a Docker like container engine (Balena-Engine) running on PLCnext Control.
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PLCnext Technology - Docker and Balena Engine

License Web Community

Guide details

Description Value
Created 18.02.2020
Last modified 18.02.2020
Controller AXC F 2152
Firmware 2020.0 LTS

Hardware requirements:

  • PLC AXC F 2152 - (Order number 2404267)

Host machine software requirements:

  • Linux operating system.


The multi-part tutorial provides an introduction to Balena-Engine an IoT focused Docker like container technology on a PLCnext control.

For more Information about Balena-Engine visit the website.


  • With PLCnext Technology Firmware 2020.0 the AXC controller are Docker Ready, this includes a basic set of kernel flags.
  • With Firmware 2020.3 there will follow some advanced settings like additional kernel flags and cgroup mounts.
  • With Firmware 2020.6 it is planned to have balena-engine, a docker compatible container engine, as firmware component implemented.

The solution for containerization in this tutorial is only for testing and development purposes. With Firmware 2020.6 there will be no more need to install an engine manually and the firmware update could interfere with this solution. Please make sure to backup your images before updating to Firmware 2020.6.

Before getting started

Please note that the introduction in this series of articles uses:

  • Internet-Connection

Getting Started

In the following series of technical articles, you will install Balena Engine for PLCnext Control and run OCI container on a PLCnext Control.

# Topic Objectives
01 Installation Install the Balena Engine and run the Balena Container on a PLCnext Control.
02 Firewall Configuration How to configure the device firewall for the network access of the container.
Explore unlimited possibilities ... Get ideas for other interesting features you can implement in your own PLCnext datalogger application.

How to get support or provide suggestion and ideas

You can get support or provide suggestion and ideas in the forum of the PLCnext Community.


Copyright (c) Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co KG. All rights reserved.

Licensed under the MIT License.

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