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  1. freepbx-trunk-balancing freepbx-trunk-balancing Public

    Restrict outbound calls or balance calls over multiple trunks based on user specified parameters

    PHP 37 30

  2. freepbx-Call-Statistics freepbx-Call-Statistics Public

    FreePBX module for reporting concurrent calls as well as breaking calls down by extension

    PHP 31 18

  3. freepbx-Call_Status freepbx-Call_Status Public

    Forked from and modified for FreePBX

    PHP 19 18

  4. QueueCallers QueueCallers Public

    PHP Page for displaying Asterisk queue agents and callers

    PHP 17 15

  5. freepbx-lenny_blacklist_mod freepbx-lenny_blacklist_mod Public

    Modifies the FreePBX blacklist to redirect blacklisted calls to

    PHP 8 7

  6. FreePBX-HelloWorld FreePBX-HelloWorld Public

    Forked from jfinstrom/FreePBX-HelloWorld

    PHP 8 13


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