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中文版 client for iOS
This project recorded the process of learning iOS development
follow Kevin's video guide -> iOS With Girlfriend

  • I also develop the client for Android,please click



  • Learn Swift 2.1 syntax
  • Learn how to use Xcode
  • Learn basic flow for ios development

Stage 1

  • learn the usages of UITableView, NavigationController & MainStoryBoard (2016.1.3)
  • custom UITableViewCell (2016.1.7)
  • install CocoaPods & study to use it, use Alamofire to handle network requests (2016.1.9)
  • use SwiftyJSON to parse json data, use Kingfisher to display image. (2016.2.3)

Stage 2

  • use MJRefresh to add the function of 'pull to refresh' & 'pull to load more' (2016.2.15)
  • use MBProgressHUD to display dialog for Long-Running Operations (2016.2.18)
  • use SFSafariViewController display webview (2016.2.19)

Stage 3

  • use AFDateHelper to handle date (2016.2.26)
  • use PagingMenuController to realize viewPager's effect on Android. (2016.2.26)
  • combine UIScrollView with UIImageView to zoom picture (2016.2.26)

The project for learning Swift and iOS development is fundamentally completed, As a beginner, I need to learn more, and this project must have fallacy, please remind me by email or issues

I will keep maintaining this project, for further study, I will add animations for this project. please pay attention to this project.


  • remove unused code
  • add .igonore to igonre pods dictionary


  • upgrade PagingMenuController code



Due to usage of Firebase, GoogleService-Info.plist is ignored, you should delete ``` Pod 'Firebase'

### LICENSE is released under the GPL v3 license. See [LICENSE](LICENSE) for details.