Skeleton for test server setup to test Paper
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Paper Test Server Skeleton

This repo simply serves as a skeleton on the basics of a test server for Paper

You can fork this repo and use a modified version by setting PAPER_TEST_SKELETON environment variable, or by simply resetting origin in your test server to your fork.


The goal of this repository is to ensure a minimum test case for paper updates, so that we can be more comfortable that an update to the server software does not cause breakage with other plugins, and to help identify when a breakage does occur so we can work with plugin authors to come to a resolution.

This repo should not be used as a template to start your own server (there really is nothing special included in it!)


All plugins listed in this Repository are copyright their respective owners. Any plugin owner that wishes their plugin to not be included, please open an Issue and we will remove it.

However, the intent of this repository is to ensure that your plugin continues to work and is not broken by Paper updates.