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Free online agile retrospective meeting tool
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Parabol is a free SaaS application for running team retrospectives and operating a distributed organization. Our business metrics are also open source.

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Stack Information

Concern Solution
Server Node
Server Framework uWebSockts.js
Database RethinkDB
PubSub Redis
Data Transport GraphQL
Real-time Connectivity trebuchet
Client Cache Relay
UI Framework React
Styling Emotion
Unit Testing jest
Integration Testing Cypress



  • Node
  • Redis
  • RethinkDB
  • Watchman (for Relay)
  • Yarn


$ git clone
$ cd parabol
$ cp packages/server/.env.example packages/server/.env # Add your own vars here
$ rethinkdb & # Or if you prefer docker: $ docker-compose up -d db
$ yarn && yarn db:migrate && yarn build:relay && yarn dev


  • Migrations are stored in packages/server/database/migrations
  • RethinkDB Dashboard is at http://localhost:8080

Getting Involved

Parabol offers equity for qualified contributions.

See for more information on how to get involved and how to get compensated.


For details on all releases, refer to

Parabol Core Team


Copyright (c) 2016-present, Parabol, Inc.

This codebase is dual-licensed under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3.0 while holding, at Parabol's sole discretion, the right to create new licenses. For details please read LICENSE.

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