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User-friendly cryptocurrency
Pascal PHP
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PascalLite: User-friendly cryptocurrency

PascalLite is a P2P Cryptocurrency with human-friendly account numbers (addresses) and without need of keeping historical opeartions, blockchain can be safely removed without any harm to users accounts and balances.
To start using it download precompiled Wallet application from Releases section or compile it from the source code.
Exchanges, processing systems, online shops can use console linux Daemon to control accounts, send and receive payments.


docker run -it -v $(readlink -f ~/PascalLite/):/root/PascalLite/ -p -p 4004:4004 -p paslcrypto/node

Compiling PascalLite from Source

Daemon (Debian)

Checkout project's repository and build it

apt-get update && apt-get install git fpc libssl1.1
git clone
cd wallet
fpc -FuUnits/PascalCoin/ -FuSynapse/lib/ -FuUnits/Utils/ pascallited.pp

Run PascalLite Daemon in background

nohup ./pascallited -r &

Configure daemon settings in ~/PascalLite/pascallite.ini

If any of the above steps fail for you, follow the complete build manual

Wallet (Windows/Linux)

  1. Install Lazarus IDE
  2. Open PascalLiteWallet.lpi
  3. Run -> Compile (CTRL + F9)


RPC control port is binded to by default. It serves HTTP JSON-RPC requests.
For detailed API description with examples read our API JSON-RPC documentation.


Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying file LICENSE or visit

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project and Denis Grinyuk, and some cryptographic functions inspirated in code written by Ladar Levison and Marco Ferrante.

Starting point for the project was PascalCoin source code originally written by Albert Molina and available at

Supporting the Project

Donations can be sent directly to PascalLite development account: 0-10

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