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Home Assistant Padavan Device Tracker


This device tracker component allows you to get wireless devices presence from Padavan-based routers.

Devices support:

  • tested on Xiaomi MiWiFi Mini Router with Padavan
  • reported working on Asus N56U Router with Padavan

Probably need additional changes to make it work on other devices.


Detect ANY Wi-Fi clients (=Android/iOS/Windows Phone smartphones...) with 100% accuracy at any time moment.

Why not ...?

  • Nmap - mobile devices (Nexus 5X, iPhones) can go to a deep sleep so nmap can send dozen different packages and get nothing. It's very unreliable. You need at least 3 minutes to understand client is really offline and not ignoring your requests.
  • OpenWrt luci - can't check, but from source code it checks ARP table which is totally wrong, because it doesn't remove client immediately after disconnect.
  • OpenWrt ubus - looks promising, but doesn't exist in Padavan firmware out of the box.
  • Xiaomi - works like this solution (=perfectly), but only in router mode. Padavan tracker works in AP mode too.

Installation (Xiaomi MiWiFi Mini Router only)

  1. Download stock Xiaomi dev firmware
  2. Flash it via web interface.
  3. Install Android app (ru, en).
  4. Attach router to your Mi account.
  5. Download ssh unlock firmware, remember login/pass - it's ssh credentials.
  6. Put it on USB FAT32 stick:
    1. Turn on Router while reset-button pressed and USB stick plugged in
    2. Release Reset-button after the orange LED starts flashing
    3. Wait a minute to complete flashing and device is online again (shown by blue LED)
  7. Check SSH to your device.
  8. Go to
    1. Download utility.
    2. Build Toolchain.
    3. Build Firmware.
    4. Flash Firmware.
    5. Flash EEPROM.
  9. Add the following lines to the configuration.yaml:
  - platform: padavan_tracker
    consider_home: 10
    interval_seconds: 3
    url: # web interface url (don't forget about `/` in the end)
    username: admin # Web interface user name
    password: admin # Web interface user pass


  • Sometimes/most of the time web interface will be inaccessible while this component is working. That's because Padavan firmware doesn't allow >1 users authorized from different IPs. Check the possible workaround for this.

Useful links


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