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Description: ABAP Syntax Highlighter for Sublime Text 2

How to install it?

  • Open your Package folder. The easiest way to identify the Package folder is to go to ST2 main menu: Preferences -> Browse Packages...
  • Manualy create ABAP folder under your Package folder: ...\Packages\ABAP
  • Extract the content of zip archive into the ABAP folder (!!only the files without ABAP-Sublime-Plugin-master folder!!).

Location of Package folder according your platform:

  • Windows Vista/7: c:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 2\Packages
  • OS X/Unix-like: ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages

Important notes

  • If the file you are editing has .abp extension, syntax highlighting works automaticaly. Otherwise you have to set the ABAP syntax explicitely (click on the bottom right corner in the ST2 window a choose ABAP).
  • It's quite simple to add more file extensions by editing ABAP.tmLanguage file (located in your ABAP plugin folder under Package folder). Search for fileTypes section in the beginning of the file and add for example line <string>txt</string> after the line <string>abp</string>.
  • If nothing works, restart ST2!

What you can do with ABAP plugin

  • highlight ABAP syntax (keywords, system contstants, name of forms, classes, methods and modules)
  • auto-complete code (it works both keyword suggesting and the snippets)
  • speed up coding with the set of predefined snippets (of course it's very easy to create your owns)
  • get overview of forms, classes, methods and modules on Ctrl+R command
  • comment/uncomment selected blocks of code on Ctrl+/ command
  • one more thing - maybe you would like to try out my Marias card game (Czech only) at


I prefer the default color scheme Zenburnesque to achieve the best results.

Go to the main menu: Preferences -> Color Scheme -> Color Scheme - Default -> Zenburnesque.

Define own shortcut for ABAP syntax

Go to the main menu: Preferences -> Key Bindings - User. Place following code inside brackets [ you key bindings here... ]. You can set another shortcut key instead of ctrl+shift+a.

   // Set ABAP syntax
   {"keys": ["ctrl+shift+a"], "command": "set_file_type",
    "args": {"syntax": "Packages/ABAP/ABAP.tmLanguage"}
   // Shortcut for quick switch project	
   { "keys": ["ctrl+alt+p"], "command": "prompt_select_workspace" },	

Don't forget to save the file in the end.


ABAP Syntax Highlighter for Sublime Text






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