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Paystack SPC(sms portal creator) Module

Tested on SPC4


  • Before you can start taking payments through Paystack, you will first need to sign up at: To receive live payments, you should request a Go-live after you are done with configuration and have successfully made a test payment.

Installation Steps

  1. Download the and install via your Joomla Mange extensions page. Step 1

  2. Navigate to your modules page & Click the New button. Step 2

  3. Click the "SPC Paystack Gateway Module" option. Step 3

  4. Copy your API keys from your Paystack Dashboard Settings and paste them on the module settings. Step 4

  5. Create a new position by typing spc_paystack in the position field on the right side of the page. After creating it, save the module. Step 5

    Step 5
  6. Create the article(page) that will be the buy SMS page.

    • Click on add new Article.
    Step 6
    • On the article content, paste the text {loadposition spc_paystack}
    Step 6
  7. Link the article(page) to your main menu:

    • Click on add new Menu Item under the main menu.
    Step 7 Step 7
  8. Click the select button beside the Menu Item Type option and select Single article under Articles on the popup overlay. Step 8 Step 8

  9. Click the select button beside the Select Article option and choose the buy sms page(article) you've created. Step 9 Step 9

  10. Save Menu and go to website to view the page created.


I think step 6-10 can be optimized to be easier, my Joomla knowledge is weak. Please feel free to share your suggestions and send Pull Requests.


Module enables customers to purchase SMS units via Paystack






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