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HUD Mods

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Some additional elements inside of playerpanels_kv of spectatortournament.res are made possible by CastingEssentials.

Forwarded Player Panel Borders

This feature is useful if you want to have the colored background area of the playerpanel to not cover the entire playerpanel. You can set paintborder 0 on the playerpanel to disable drawing the team-colored background, and add a PanelColorBG element to the playerpanel that will be set to the proper team-colored background.


  • ce_hud_forward_playerpanel_border: Sets the border of [playerpanel]->PanelColorBG to the same value as [playerpanel].

Player Health Progress Bars

This feature means you don't have to fight with the HealthIcon element to get simple progress bars for health and overheal. Enable the cvar, and create ContinuousProgressBar elements named:

  • PlayerHealthRed
  • PlayerHealthOverhealRed
  • PlayerHealthInverseRed
  • PlayerHealthInverseOverhealRed

as well as the "Blue" versions of these inside of the playerpanels. You can omit elements you don't want. Inverted progress bars are exactly what they sound like, where their value is (100% - ). Useful if you want advanced support for partially transparent backgrounds.


  • ce_hud_player_health_progressbars: Enables [playerpanel]->PlayerHealth[Overheal](Red/Blue) ProgressBars.
  • ce_hud_progressbar_directions: Enables direction support (north/east/south/west) on progress bars.

Player Status Effects

Adds support for two ImagePanels named StatusEffectIconRed and StatusEffectIconBlue to playerpanels. These icons display active statuses for players, in this order of importance: Ubered > Kritzed > Quickfixed > Vaccinated Bullet > Vaccinated Explosive > Vaccinated Fire > Buff Banner > Concheror > Battalion's Backup > Bleeding > Marked for Death.

The vmts for the status effect images are located in CastingEssentials/materials/castingessentials/statuseffects/.


  • ce_hud_player_status_effects: Updates the status effect ImagePanel in [playerpanel]->StatusEffectIcon(Red/Blue).
  • ce_hud_player_status_effects_debug: Forced drawing of a status effect icon for all players.

Banner Charge Progress Bars

Works similarly to Embedded Medigun Panels. The only "magic" element names are WeaponChargeBlue and WeaponChargeRed (ProgressBars that need their visibility controlled based on the player being alive/having a banner). Dialog variables are weaponchargename for the banner name (if you want a label), and weaponchargeamount for the banner charge percentage (looks like "87%", can be used for ProgressBar variable or label text).


  • ce_hud_chargebars_enabled: Enables showing banner charge status inside playerpanels.
  • ce_hud_chargebars_buff_banner_text: Text to use for the Buff Banner for the %banner% dialog variable on playerpanels.
  • ce_hud_chargebars_battalions_backup_text: Text to use for the Battalion's Backup for the %banner% dialog variable on playerpanels.
  • ce_hud_chargebars_concheror_text: Text to use for the Concheror for the %banner% dialog variable on playerpanels.
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