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A Scala Fix Engine implementation. It is a full implementation of the session level protocol, tested using the sackfix tester project, supporting acceptor and initiators using AKKA and Scala.

To get started simply download the examples project and start the acceptor and then the initiator. The SackFix suite consists of

  • Examples: This is all you need!
  • Tester: A very simple test suite to stress out any Session level implementation.
  • Session: All of the statemachines and message handling for the Fix Session. ie the business logic lives here.
  • Messages: Code generated Fix Messages for all versions of fix.
  • Common: The code generator and common classes - including all the code generated Fields.

Full documentation is at the github pages.


Upgraded in 2021 to akka typed and scala 2.13.

Version Year built with
0.1.0 2017 JDK 1.8, Scala 2.11, SBT 0.13.12, Akka 2.4.16
0.1.3 2021 JDK 1.8, Scala 2.13.5, SBT 1.4.7, Akka 2.6.13

Feel free to upgrade and generate your own version.

What is this project?

SackFix is a Scala session layer fix implememtion. This project includes all of the generated Fix messages for every version of Fix.

They are all immutable, and can be rendered toString as human readable, or to Fix. They also have decoders to hook into the session layer which can turn incoming fix into the correct message.

Please visit the github pages for instructions on how to run the initiator and acceptor.

Best wishes, Jonathan


Holds all of the auto generated Fix messages for all versions of Fix.







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