Living list of most useful plugins for Grunt
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#HTML&CSS autoprefixer - parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to rules by Can I Use.

grunt-browser-sync - keep multiple browsers & devices in sync when building websites.

grunt-html-build and grunt-include-replace - appends scripts and styles, removes debug parts, append html partials.

grunt-email-design - a workflow for designing and testing HTML email templates.

grunt-uncss and grunt-ucss - remove unused CSS from your projects.

grunt-contrib-cssmin - compress CSS files.

grunt-revizor - compress CSS classes and identifiers. In addition, there are many CSS optimizers and benchmark tests (GitHub for them. But recently I saw most powerful Shorthand utility without Grunt, which does folowing:

a {
	font-family: Arial;
	font-style: italic;
	font-size: 14px;
	line-height: 18px; 
	font-weight: bold;
    background-image: url('example.png');
    background-color: red;
    background-size: cover;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;


a {
  font: italic bold 14px/18px Arial;
  background: red url('example.png') no-repeat / cover;

grunt-contrib-htmlmin - neat HTML minificator.

grunt-penthouse and grunt-criticalcss - automatically find the Critical Path in your project.

grunt-csscomb - refines the structure of your CSS.

grunt-styleguide - generate styleguides.

grunt-contrib-csslint - CSS linter.

grunt-html - HTML validator based on validator from W3C.

#JavaScript grunt-autopolyfiller - precise polyfills. This is like Autoprefixer, but for JavaScript polyfills.

grunt-babel - transpiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

grunt-jsfmt - for formatting, searching, and rewriting JavaScript.

grunt-jscs - for checking JavaScript Code Style.

grunt-modernizr - build out a lean, mean Modernizr machine.

grunt-express - start (and supervise) an Express.js web server using, works well with

grunt-contrib-requirejs and grunt-browserify - optimize the work with RequireJS and Browserify respectively.

grunt-shipit - Shipit automation and deployment tool.

grunt-plato - generate static analysis reports.

grunt-complexity - evaluates code maintainability using Halstead and Cyclomatic metrics.

fixmyjs - automatically fix silly lint errors with help of JSHint (grunt-contrib-jshint).

grunt-jscpd - copy/paste detector for programming source code.

grunt-jsonlint and grunt-yamllint - JSON and YAML validators.

grunt-contrib-uglify - JavaScript compressor.

grunt-contrib-concat - concatenate files.

###Unit Tests

#Graphics grunticon - mystical CSS icon solution.

grunt-webfont - SVG to webfont converter.

grunt-responsive-images - produce images at different sizes for responsive websites.

grunt-sharp - fastest module for work JPEG, PNG, WebP and TIFF images.

grunt-svgstore - merge SVGs from a folder.

imacss - application and library that transforms image files to data URIs.

grunt-contrib-imagemin, grunt-imageoptim and grunt-tinypng for image compression.

grunt-spritesmith - converting a set of images into a spritesheet and corresponding CSS variables.

#Others assemble - static site generator.

jit-grunt - JIT(Just In Time) loader.

grunt-gulp- allows to start Gulp plugins for Grunt.

grunt-contrib-watch - run tasks whenever watched files change.

grunt-notify - automatic error messages in system notifications center when Grunt tasks fail.

grunt-git - able to use Git commands.

grunt-githooks - bind Grunt tasks to Git Hooks.

grunt-gitbook - create documentation by GitBook.

grunt-jsdoc - generate JavaScript documentation by running JSDoc3.

grunt-rev - static file asset revisioning through content hashing.

grunt-release and grunt-version - allows to manage versions of a project.

grunt-conventional-changelog - generating a changelog from Git metadata. Also there are grunt-bump, which increments versions in package JSON and grunt-dev-update, which automatically updates packages.

grunt-wiredep - inject Bower packages.

grunt-remove-logging - remove console logging statements.

grunt-proxy and grunt-connect-proxy - connect support for proxying API calls during development.

grunt-phantomas - measure frontend performance.

grunt-preprocess - preprocess files based off environment configuration.

time-grunt - displays the elapsed execution time of grunt tasks.

load-grunt-config - Grunt library that allows you to break up your Gruntfile config by task.

grunt-newer - run Grunt tasks with only those source files modified since the last successful run.

grunt-open - open URLs and files.

grunt-contrib-connect - simple static web server.

grunt-exec and grunt-shell - run Shell commands.

grunt-ssh - provides the ability to connect via SSH and SFTP.

grunt-contrib-compress - compress files and folders.

grunt-contrib-clean and grunt-contrib-copy - respectively remove and copy sources.

grunt-usebanner - adds a simple banner (copyright or ASCII headers) to source files and grunt-figlet for help for it.

grunt-file-info - displays sizes and versions of files in a readable format.



  • psi - PageSpeed Insights with reporting.
  • tmi - TMI (Too Many Images) - discover your image weight on the web.
  • ngrok - Introspected tunnels to localhost.
  • pageres - responsive website screenshots.
  • matchdep - filter npm module dependencies.
  • Maybe some automatization methods you want to use directly in the editor, so look at the The Best Plugins for Sublime Text.