Sample Code: Sparrow: Kubernetes Infrastructure + Google Cloud Deployment
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Sparrow INF

Google Cloud Deployment

Instructions for how to deploy the sparrow project onto google cloud infrastructure using kubernetes.

Install tools

Setup project

  • Login to Google Cloud
  • Create a project 'sparrow' (id: simplicate-sparrow-project)

Setup auth

  • Login to your account from the console which will spawn a browser
gcloud auth application-default login

Create cluster

  • Create a cluster
gcloud container clusters create sparrow-cluster --scopes bigquery,cloud-platform,cloud-source-repos,cloud-source-repos-ro,compute-ro,compute-rw,datastore,logging-write,monitoring,monitoring-write,service-control,service-management,sql,sql-admin,storage-full,storage-ro,storage-rw,taskqueue,useraccounts-ro,useraccounts-rw,userinfo-email

Setup proxy

  • Start up a proxy to connect to the Kubernetes control plane:
kubectl proxy
  • Goto http://localhost:8001/ui and you should be able to see kubernetes

  • if you get stale ip's / ssl errors then try this:

gcloud container clusters get-credentials sparrow-cluster