The Generic DownSampling Tool
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GeDoSaTo Developer Readme


This file is intended for developers who want to improve GeDoSaTo or use it as a base for other modifications.

If you are interested in creating custom game profiles, an in-depth guide is available here:

All the source code is released under the conditions of the GPLv3, except for

  • SuperFastHash
  • SMAA and FXAA which have their own licensing terms included.

Requirements & Dependencies


The best way to contribute is to send a Github pull request.

If you want to add a major new feature (e.g. DX11 support), I'd appreciate it if you were to contact me before, so that we can discuss the design a bit.

If you want to contribute a game-specific plugin, look at Dark Souls 2 or the generic plugins as examples.

File Overview


  • The "pack" folder contains the files for distribution, including end-user documentation, .inis, effects and folders
  • "main.*" includes the main function and a few utilities
  • The "plugins" folder contain game-specific plugin headers and sources (plugin mappings are defined in "plugins.def")


  • The "d3d9*" files implement d3d wrapping
  • "detouring.*" files implement function overriding using the Detours library


  • "settings.*" files implement reading settings (defined in settings.def) from .ini files and querying them
  • "key_actions.*" files implement keybindings, together with the Xmacro files "keys.def" and "actions.def"
  • "window_manager.*" files implement window management (e.g. borderless fullscreen)
  • "d3dutil", string_utils" and "utils" contain various utility functions
  • "blacklist.*" manage blacklisting (and whitelisting)


  • "RenderstateManager.*" is where most of the magic happens, implements detection and rerouting of the games' rendering pipeline state
  • "SMAA.", "VSSAO." and "GAUSS.*" are effects optionally used during rendering (derive from the base Effect)
  • "Textures.def" is a database of known texture hashes
  • "Shaders.def" is a database of known shader hashes