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Steps to use Hotkeys (these are not mods and should not get you banned)

1. Extract GTA5HK.exe and GTA5HK.ini to the same folder.
2. Run GTA5HK.exe
3. Play


1. Download Autohotkey
2. Put GTA5HK.ahk and GTA5HK.ini in autohotkey folder
3. double click GTA5HK.ahk to run (make a shortcut for it on your desktop)
4. Play

FOR NOOBIES: The .ahk file is the file with the type "AutoHotkey Script," the .exe file is the file with the type "Application," and the .ini file is the file with the type "Configuration settings."

Note: Make sure to press your toggleCEOMode key when you become a CEO or retire from being a CEO without using the macro to do it for you.

How to read or modify the controls:
Open the .ini file [the controls] by right clicking GTA5HK.ini and clicking edit.
If you wish to unbind any of the functions, simply insert a ; in front of the offending key's line to comment it out.

How to configure auto relaunch:
If you have the Steam version, open the ini file and change gameVersion to 0 instead of 1
If you have the Social Club version of the game and run it through Steam, edit the game version to 1 and change game id to the non steam game id.
Otherwise set gameVersion to anything other than 0 or 1 and it won't auto relaunch. 2 works fine.

A list of keynames to be used within the configuration file can be find at
The latest version of this script is always available on


Macro scripts for Grand Theft Auto V






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