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Postman to Api Blueprint Converter

A simple tool to convert Postman collection exports (v2) to Api Blueprint documentation.

Notice: It uses the Aglio include syntax!


Assuming that collection.json is your Postman collection export.

pmtoapib -collection collection.json -destination docs

The docs folder will be created with the following content

├── collection-name.apib
└── responses
    ├── get-200-me.json
    ├── get-200-users.json
    ├── post-200-me.json
    └── users
        ├── get-200_userID_2-2.json
        └── get-404_userID_1-2.json

The responses folder contains JSON files with the (pretty printed) response bodies. If a request has no exported responses (e.g. you didn't save any in Postman), the response file will contain an empty JSON object.

The folders inside the responses folder line up with the request paths and the files are named with the following pattern: {method}-{response name}-{last element in url}.json.

By default, the collection name will be used as the .apib filename. It can be overridden with the -apibname parameter.

pmtoapib -collection collection.json -destination docs -apibname users

This will generate a users.apib file.

Usage with Docker

You can also use the Docker image if you don't use Mac OS and don't want to compile it on your own.

docker run --rm -it -v "$PWD:/opt" phillippohlandt/pmtoapib -collection collection.json -destination docs

Command Line Flags

Command Short Version Type Default Value Description
-collection -c string Path to the Postman collection export
-destination -d string ./ Destination folder path for the generated files
-apibname string Set a custom name for the generated .apib file
-force-apib boolean false Override existing .apib files
-force-responses boolean false Override existing response files
-dump-request string Output the markup for a single request (Takes a request name)


Exclude Requests

To exclude a whole request from the generated .apib file, simply put the string pmtoapib_exclude in the request description. It will also prevent the generation of the response files for that request.


Tool to convert Postman collection exports to Api Blueprint documentation




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