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Manage configuration with ini files and environment variables.

Manage your project configuration by defining defaults, that can be overridden by ini files and environment variables.

Also provides functionality for generating ini files from the CLI.


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Example usage - loading project configuration:

A project's configuration can be split across multiple files. The following example shows how a secret can be supplied through the environment, which is used to override the default value defined within config.ini, and also shows how other named config files can be used.


location ~ \.php$ {
	fastcgi_pass	unix:/var/run/php/php7.1-fpm.sock;
	fastcgi_param	database_password	super-secret-passw0rd;
	include		fastcgi_params;


namespace = MyApp
debug = true
logging = verbose

host =
schema = local_shop
username = admin
password = admin_pass

key = jungfnyyguvffubhgvat
secret = guvfvfnybpnyfubcgurerfabguvatsbelbhurer

host = localhost


// Load config.ini
$config = new Config("/path/to/project");

// Note that the database password is overriden in the environment (from nginx)
// and the host is overridden by the development ini file.
echo $config->get("");		// localhost
echo $config->get("database.port");		// 6612
echo $config->get("database.password");		// super-secret-passw0rd

Example usage - generating configuration files:

Sometimes it's useful to generate config files on-the-fly, such as from Continuous Integration scripts. Below shows a quick example of how to generate a config.deploy.ini file with a few key-values that will override the default.

vendor/bin/config-generate deploy "shopapi.key=test-api-key" "database.schema=local_shop_$BRANCH_NAME"

The above command will create a config.deploy.ini file (note the first argument of "deploy") and provide overrides for two ini keys using dot notation. Note that because this command will be run within a continuous integration setting, we are expecting there to be a $BRANCH_NAME variable set for us, allowing us to use a schema name containing the current branch.