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Home Assistant Taskbar Menu

This application is a simple Home Assistant client for Windows. It can control entities from supported domains, display Home Assistant web interface, create shortcuts to your favourite actions and mirror persistent notifications.



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Download installer from the latest release.

If you do not have administrator rights you can download archive file and extract it in a desired location.



A configuration window will be opened at first run. Provide an URL and token, check the configuration and save it.



After successful configuration a config_credentials.dat file will be created and an icon in notification tray will appear.



This application can control entities from following domains:

  • automation
  • button
  • climate
  • cover
  • fan
  • input_boolean
  • input_button
  • input_number
  • input_select
  • light
  • lock
  • media_player
  • number
  • scene
  • script
  • select
  • siren
  • switch
  • vacuum

By default menu contains first 100 supported entities except automations and scripts, ordered alphabetically by entity id.

menu_1 menu_2

To configure this list use option Configure HA Taskbar Menu.

view_1 view_2

To add entries to view use buttons from the first row:

  • Add Entity - adds an entity to the root menu

    To use friendly name from Home Assistant leave Name empty.


  • Add Node - adds a submenu to the root menu


  • Add Separator - adds a separator to the root menu

To add entries to folder click on it with right mouse button and select an option. To remove any entry from tree click on it with right mouse button and select Delete.

In the second row of buttons you can configure other application features:

  • Switching between light and dark modes (change will be applied after application restart)

    menu_4 view_3

  • Enabling and disabling persistent notifications mirroring


  • You can open built-in browser by clicking taskbar icon with left mouse button.
  • You can quickly toggle an entity (if supported) by clicking it with right mouse button.
  • To open search menu start typing when mouse is over an open menu.
  • You can close search window by pressing [Esc].
  • Configuration is stored by default in %APPDATA%\Home Assistant Taskbar Menu\Home Assistant Taskbar Menu directory.
  • If you have installed this application to a custom location a configuration directory will match it.
  • Connection configuration is stored as an encrypted text in config_credentials.dat. You can copy it between computers to use the same connection parameters.
  • View configuration is stored in config_view.dat. You can copy it between computers to use the same view configuration.
  • To start this application with Windows add a shortcut to StartUp folder. You can open it by running command shell:startup in Run menu (shortcut: [WIN] + [R])
  • To clear browser's cache remove browserCache folder from config directory.


You can use this application to create shortcuts to your favourite service calls (e.g. toggle light).

  • Create a shortcut to Home Assistant Taskbar Menu.exe file
  • Add the following text to Target section: call_service light.toggle {\"entity_id\": \"light.desk\"}. Remember to add a backslash before every double quote! shortcut_1
  • You can also configure a shortcut key combination using Shortcut key section shortcut_2


To update the application to newer version you just have to use the latest installer.

Migration from v1.0.X.X

To use configuration from older version of application copy config.dat and viewConfig.dat to config directory (default: %APPDATA%\Home Assistant Taskbar Menu\Home Assistant Taskbar Menu). It is created after a first start of application.


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  • About

    This application is a simple Home Assistant client for Windows. It can display Lovelace views, control entities and show persistent notifications.








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