Converts an RGB image (.png, .jpeg) into a binary file compliant with the Apple II's HIRES format.
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#Rgb2Hires This program converts an RGB image to the Apple II's "HiRes" format. Provided it complies with this format's constraints:

  • Source image must be 140x192. Pixels are anamorphic: twice wider than tall.
  • Source image must contains six colors : BLACK, WHITE, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE and PURPLE

For more information about the "Hires" format and its limitations, please refer to Wikipedia:


This repository contains two projects:

  • Rgb2Hires, the conversion programm running on a PC
  • Loader, for testing purposes. This program runs on Apple II hardware and displays an HiRes binary file named test.picture and located on the same disk.


The source is provided as a Visual Studio project. Howerver, it is standard C++11 without any Windows dependency, so it should compile on Linux and macOs without any modification.


  • Magick++
    • On Windows, you have provide an environment variable called MAGICK_HOME and pointing to the ImageMagick folder.
    • On Linux, install libmagick++-dev

Loader (for Apple II)

This program will compile as an Apple II executable that you can run on the actual hardware. It is a Makefile project and must be crosscompiled using CC65


  • CC65: The crosscompiler suit. Please provide an environment variable, CC65_HOME pointing to your CC65 folder.


A correct source image, test.png, is provided as an example. Convert it into a file named test.picture and copy it along the Apple II Loader, then execute on the actual hardware ;)