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The Planteome Project

Home for the Common Reference Ontologies for Plants


  1. plant-ontology plant-ontology Public

    Repository for the Plant Ontology

    Perl 55 17

  2. plant-trait-ontology plant-trait-ontology Public

    Explore the Plant Trait Ontology on the Planteome site.

    Python 37 12

  3. plant-experimental-conditions-ontology plant-experimental-conditions-ontology Public

    Repository for the Plant Experimental Conditions Ontology

    Python 9 5

  4. plant-stress-ontology plant-stress-ontology Public

    An ontology containing biotic and abiotic plant stresses. Part of the Planteome suite of reference ontologies. Formerly called the Ontology of Plant Stress

    Makefile 13 9


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