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SergeStinckwich commented Dec 8, 2016 edited

Try to reproduce NumPy examples like the one found here:

Commit examples in PolyMath repository. If functions are missing, implement them.

@KupynOrest KupynOrest self-assigned this Dec 13, 2016
SergeStinckwich commented Dec 23, 2016 edited

Any updates on this issue ? Should implement the examples are methods that we could commit on the repository later.


Yes, I am working on this, sorry for the late answer, I got plenty of deadlines previous week

KupynOrest commented Dec 31, 2016 edited

@SergeStinckwich At the moment I am reading Numerical Methods Book and working with matrices, I've recreated few simple examples from NumPy and I have some questions

  • For example, I do not see an implementation of elementwise matrix product, I can add a method plus a Matlab-style operator (A .* B). Would it be ok?

  • The next questions is in what format can I commit the examples and changes to PolyMath lib? Should I create a separate branch in this repository?

  • I also can implement some extra methods which can be useful, for example I do not see an implementation for SVD decomposition. Does it make sense?


  • If you don't see any implementation, you can implement it. Please implement unit tests also
  • You can push your changes, modifications, examples etc to main branches of PolyMath. We have an inbox for that:!/~PolyMath/PolyMathInbox
  • yes if there is no implementation
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