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A web app to search and download free music from
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Butane no longer works

It's been a great ride, and I want to thank everyone who used the service in the past. This project singlehandedly kickstarted my learning of coding, and has taught me many new skills along the way.

Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end., the souce of the audio files has decided to discontinue their public audio API after an agreement with rightsholders. This means that butane is no longer able to fetch music for your enjoyment.

It's been fun, all the best luck with finding another music source!

A web app to search and download free music from


Check it out yourself!

Disclaimer: Only tested on Chrome

(If anyone wants to help me with cross-browser-compatibility I would greatly appreciate it!)


  • Based on Alashow's awesome original design:

  • The database being searched is's huge array of user-uploaded material. That being said, quality varies, but is usually great, especially for obscure content. It's at least better than Youtube rips!

  • Captchas are sometimes required to be entered, there is nothing I can do about this (sorry)

  • There are no ads, and the code is all opensource (obviously)

Uses the following publically available libraries:

  • VK API
  • bootstrap
  • bootstrap dropdown
  • jquery
  • jquery-ui
  • font-awesome
  • google fonts
  • bootbox.js
  • iScroll.js
  • jquery drawer
  • jplayer
  • particles.js
  • Animate.css

GNU GPL v2 License


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